Discipline for Children and Youth

Discipline for Children and Youth

As a caregiver, you are helping your child understand and navigate the world around them. They are testing limits and learning the rules. It is your role to help your child learn right from wrong and become successful in life.

Your child learns this through discipline. Discipline teaches your child how to manage their behaviour through clear rules and consequences.

Children who have been taught through positive discipline are more likely to be responsible, self-confident, and make good choices independently. Without discipline, children are more likely to lack self-control and social skills, and engage in harmful behaviours.

Who can attend?

Caregivers aged 18 or over, who are parenting a child or youth of any age

What will you learn?

  • The importance of boundaries and setting limits
  • The difference between punishment and discipline
  • How to use natural and logical consequences

How much does it cost?

$50 per person or $75 per couple

We are dedicated to supporting families of all income levels. If needed, you can apply for a subsidy by selecting “I require subsidy” in the workshop registration form.




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