Positive Workplace Framework

The Positive Workplace Framework (PWF) is tailored to meet your workplace’s unique needs and organizational setting. We do an assessment at your organization and then customize a plan to implement evidence-based positive psychology practices that contribute to healthy and effective workplaces.

The PWF provides a cost-effective strategy for increasing employee engagement and performance by enhancing mental fitness, resiliency, and wellness.

There are three core components:

  1. Mental fitness practices
  2. Resiliency practices
  3. Positive leadership practices

Each PWF service is accompanied by online express teaching e-books, self-study interactive guides, personalized team and organizational reports, and instructional videos to move positive psychology concepts into action in the workplace.

When and where are workshops offered?

  • All workshops can be offered at your workplace or online

How much does it cost?

  • Workshops based on PWF plans are customized based on your organization’s needs. Please contact us for details.

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