Translation and Interpreter Services for Organizations

In times of uncertainty, we can help bring clarity. We bridge communication gaps when it matters most with translation and interpretation services!

The Family Centre supports businesses as one of Edmonton's top providers of organizational translation services. We have translated documents for the City of Edmonton, Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brother Big Sisters, ACT Alberta, and many more.


The Family Centre’s translation services have been an incredible support to our organization. The services was extremely easy to access and The Family Centre staff were so accommodating and helpful to ensure the final product was exactly what was required. As an Agency, BGCBigs really appreciates having these services available that allows us to support the greater community.

Language limitations can significantly limit someone's world. Our on-call interpretation service can help your organization connect with clients by reducing those linguistic barriers. Interpretation services are available in over 80 languages and dialects!


Learn more about how our translation and interpretation services can benefit your organization!