Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

1. Hope

Sometimes families lose hope when they experience problems or setbacks. We help them see the possibilities again by finding achievable ways to overcome challenges, celebrating their successes along the way, and building their self-confidence.

2. Strength

Every family has a unique set of skills and strengths. We nurture those qualities within individuals, families, and communities to help them become even stronger when facing difficult situations. We empower them to use their strength to rebound from hardship and move forward positively.

3. Respect

We do not judge families. We strive to support them wherever they are and respect whatever decisions they make. We never make decisions for families, nor do we claim to have all their answers. We believe each family controls their future; they decide what needs to be done, and we work with them to determine how to get there.

4. Diversity

We value all cultures and beliefs. We take time and care to understand families and their communities while recognizing that some behaviours may harm a child’s or family’s health. We provide respectful feedback, information, and choices that reflect their values and belief system and allow them to make informed decisions.

5. Understanding

History and past experiences cannot change. We understand that families have done the best they can with the resources, support, and information they had at the time. Sometimes, previous experience and fear may lead to harmful behaviours. Ultimately, parents want their children to be healthy and productive, but not everyone knows how to make this happen. We work with families to understand their unique situations, and we offer guidance where they would like to see change.

6. Trust

Many families come to us with little confidence and trust in others, based on previous negative experiences. We earn their trust by fully understanding their circumstances, offering objective, helpful advice based on their needs, and letting them be in charge of their decisions. We also stay true to our word; we do what we say we will do every single time.

7. Commitment

If we do not immediately connect with a family, we adapt our approach until we find a way that works. We refuse to give up. We are committed to building and maintaining positive, objective relationships with every family. If we can’t help, we look for other organizations or services that may better meet their needs.

8. Community

We promote safely integrating children and family into home and community life. Our support teams are made up of several services through The Family Centre and beyond. We work closely with immediate and extended families, schools, and community organizations to encourage the best support network for a child or family. We offer coordinated health and well-being services that are inclusive, responsive, and easily accessible for families and communities.

The Family Centre acknowledges that we are on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional meeting ground, gathering place, and traveling route for the Cree, Saulteaux, Blackfoot, Métis, Dene, and Nakota Sioux. We acknowledge all the many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries.

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