Social enterprise centre

The Family Centre’s Social Enterprise Centre exists to further fulfill our vision of “healthy families in healthy communities”. Our social enterprise services are uniquely designed to reduce barriers to access critical services in our community while creating a sense of community belonging among those who engage in our services.

100% of profits generated go toward supporting mental health and community-based programming for children, youth, adults, families, and seniors in need through free, low-cost, or subsidized access to our services.

Our Social Enterprise portfolio includes the following services:

Education Services

Our Education Services offer classes related to three of The Family Centre's areas of focus: that parents will be better equipped to raise healthy children, individuals will build the understanding and skills required to develop strong and healthy relationships, and that individuals, families, and institutions will gain the knowledge needed to effectively navigate through change.

Centralized Interpreter Services

Centralized Interpreter Services provides interpretation, document translation, and cultural insight services in more than 80 languages and dialects. The number of people immigrating to Alberta is steadily on the rise, and so are the difficulties that arise for the newcomer individuals and their families when language barriers or cultural gaps exist.

Professional interpretation and translation services allow individuals and families to have safe and equal access to information and essential services through removing language barriers. Both individuals and organizations can access interpreters and translators.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (FSEAP)

The Family Centre is a member of the only national Employee Assistance Program (EAP) structured as a social enterprise. Our EAP mission is to promote resilient workplaces, inspire healthy families, and to build strong, thriving communities. We are uniquely positioned to support workplace health and wellness through our lens of “healthy families in healthy communities”.

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