School Partnerships

We know that all children can succeed, given the right supports and opportunities. Our success coaches, mental health therapists, and Roots and Wings family support workers can provide resources for success at local schools.

School success

Resources at schools

We know that all children can succeed, given the right supports and opportunities. For a variety of reasons, students and their families experience challenges that interfere with academic success and a positive experience at school.

We have partnered with over 80 schools in Edmonton to ensure students, their families, and the school employees receive supports to:

  • Improve classroom behaviours by addressing underlying issues
  • Provide tools and techniques for teachers and families to keep children in school and to understand children who have gone through trauma
  • Foster a positive school experience, and build confidence and skills for academic success
  • Support children to attend school more regularly, achieve higher results, avoid high-risk behaviours, make effective decisions and goals, and see a positive future for themselves
  • Engage families in participating in their child’s learning, the school environment, and family activities
  • Guide children and youth to make positive decisions using role models, mentors, advocates, and affordable community supports
  • Reduce the stigma and other barriers to therapeutic supports

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Success coaches

Success coaches help youth who have been hurt emotionally, are disengaged, and have lost their confidence in others. Coaches foster a positive school experience and build confidence and skills for academic success. 

Mental health therapists

Mental health therapists provide a combination of counselling and group work, customized for the child and their family.

Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings provides in-home support to families. We work together with families to ensure their needs are front and centre, resulting in meaningful solutions based on their unique lives.

All In For Youth

The Family Centre is a part of All in for Youth, a local initiative focused on getting children and youth successfully through their education years and on to high school completion.

The Family Centre’s team had a tremendous, positive impact on our school. Their expertise and professionalism gained them the respect of staff and students alike. They provided much-needed supports for many children this year, who may not have had access to counselling otherwise. They were able to set up Girls Group and Boys Group in addition to individual counselling sessions. They have become valued members of our community.

Lorelei Hironaka
Assistant Principal
St. Francis of Assisi School

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