Roots & Wings

Roots and wings provides in-home family support to families.

Roots and wings

Roots and wings provides in-home family support to families. We work together with families to ensure their needs are front and centre, resulting in meaningful solutions based on their unique lives. We do not make decisions for them; we help them navigate complex systems and equip them with resources and information to make their own decisions.

How do families benefit?

No two families are the same, so roots and wings provides customized support to families based on their specific needs. In general, we support families to:

  • Build effective parenting skills
  • Understand how negative childhood experiences, toxic stress, and trauma affect parenting and child development
  • Positively influence brain development by focusing on attachment, literacy, culturally sensitive play, and nutrition
  • Make financial decisions that empower them to overcome barriers related to poverty
  • Improve their communication and advocacy skills
  • Better navigate systems
  • Develop or build positive social networks
  • Address issues that contribute to addictions, domestic violence, and mental health

Who can access these services?

Families with children attending our participating schools

Families can self-refer or contact the principal for more information.

Families residing in West or Southwest Edmonton through our partnership with the Provincial Family Resource Networks  can contact:


Jasper Place Family Resource Network (West)



Family Futures Resource Network (Southwest)



Find out more about Provincial Family Resource Networks and to find services in your area 

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