Announcement: New CEO

On behalf of The Family Centre’s Board of Directors, we welcome our 9th CEO Pauline Smale to her new position. The Board has given careful consideration to the strategic leadership required to innovate and deliver outcome based services, as well as progressively manage the dynamics of a non-profit organization and have the utmost confident in Pauline’s ability to meet and exceed these expectations.

As the Vice President of Client Services since 2007, Pauline was responsible for delivering comprehensive client services, which met the quality and quantity required by the organization. Being an advocate of leading or best practice, Pauline led and participated in the development of research based, evidence based, data informed practice that increased TFC’s intellectual capital and organizational value. Pauline has demonstrated the unique ability to think strategically and execute operationally, which ensures alignment of TFC vision and goals with programming.


Gerry Shimko
TFC Board Chair


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