Mohammad's Story: Adjusting to Canadian Life with the Help of Roots & Wings Program

Four months into his new life in Canada, Mohammad has adjusted significantly well. He praises The Family Centre’s (TFC) Roots & Wings program for this triumphant feat.

“I thought it would be one year for me to improve and adjust to the culture…but with the help of TFC and the Roots & Wings program, it’s shortened to four months,” shares Mohammad. 

Arriving from Afghanistan, Mohammad needed to enroll his children in the school system. Knowing he was a newcomer, Highlands School connected him with the school's Roots & Wings worker. The worker visited Mohammad’s home and had open and detailed discussions about his needs, wants, and goals.

“One thing which is so important is visiting the houses,” believes Mohammad.

He found having the worker come to his home beneficial. He could be comfortable, open up, and share details about his life. 

When visiting, the Roots & Wings worker noticed Mohammad’s empty home. The worker connected Mohammad with an organization that provided him with furniture and kitchen supplies.

“As we came new to Edmonton, we didn’t have anything, not even one blanket,” shares Mohammad. “It was surprising for me because in Afghanistan, there are no organizations that help you with the kitchen stuff, furniture, and other house requirements. So, it was amazing for me, but my kids were especially happy.”

Starting his own small business is one of Mohammad’s goals. His Roots & Wings worker was supportive and pointed him in the right direction.

“He gave me a lot of information about our different options and how to go ahead and reach these goals. We learned how to find jobs, how to assist our degrees, and also how to improve our CVs.”

Mohammad is also grateful for the school system. He is happy with his connection to the Roots & Wings program and the additional support he received. Having a good education for his children is very important to Mohammad.

“They provided four computers for my kids for their homework.” 

Mohammad wants new immigrants to know about The Family Centre and the Roots & Wings program. He feels the organization is essential to settling and adjusting to the new culture. 

“It’s so important that every new immigrant should understand and know about the organization here in Edmonton. They will solve your challenges, your problems, and also bring a lot of opportunities.” 

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