Navigating Relationship Challenges: Discover Our Supports and Solutions

Do you often have conflicts, misunderstandings, or other challenges in your relationships? Are your relationships making you feel unsafe, frustrated, angry, or insecure?

Relationships, whether with romantic partners, friends, family members, or co-workers, are essential to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. We are all wired to connect with others - to belong, love, and be loved.

But relationships aren't always easy. Many of us were never taught what a healthy relationship looks like, or the skills needed.

If you think that your relationships could be better, please know it’s never too late to learn or improve your skills. Each year, thousands of people learn how to set boundaries, communicate effectively, and listen actively with some support from The Family Centre. Often just one session will give you clarity and tools to enhance your relationships.


Our Relationship Resources:


Couple's Communication Class

Helps you to understand your communication styles and patterns to recognize what needs to change for a successful relationship. By the end of the one-day class, you will feel more comfortable communicating, resolving conflict, setting boundaries, and asserting your beliefs in a respectful way. You will also learn how to solve day-to-day problems and challenges.

This class is for any couple experiencing difficulty communicating or wanting to build a stronger relationship.

Marriage Preparation Class:

Focuses on building skills for a strong, healthy marriage by understanding effective communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, finances, parenting, and more.

Re-marriage Preparation Class:

Prepares you for your second marriage and gives you a better chance at long-term success.


Can help you better understand your situation and find ways to move successfully through it. A mental health therapist can help you think more clearly and work through your own solution when you feel stuck.

Our therapists can work with individuals, couples, and families on specific issues in their relationship, such as relationship or parenting challenges, conflict, and domestic abuse prevention.

Strive: Men's Healthy Relationship Group & Healthy Relationships Group for Women:

Are intended for individuals experiencing relationship challenges. You will learn to:

• recognize the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to respond
• communicate effectively
• implement boundaries
• be more confident in managing conflict, and more.

The 16-week therapy group meets weekly and is facilitated by a mental health therapist. In this safe group setting, you can talk about your experiences and hear from other participants.

Next steps:

If you aren’t sure which program is right for you, we can help you choose the most suitable option. You can email us at or call 780-423-2831.