Two New Locations at Drop-In Single Session Counselling Edmonton

What are the two new locations?

We have two new locations at our Drop-In Single Session Counselling! 

“We are glad to be able to partner with these two organizations and expand our DISSC services to these new locations,” says Elsie Lobo, Manager, Therapy & Mental Health Services.

“Being able to offer services in the south side and west end allows us to serve many new people. People who may not have been able to travel to other parts of the city to access free, drop-in counselling services previously,” Elsie added.


Here are the additional locations:


To see the other locations, click here.


What is Drop-In Single Session Counselling?

The Drop-In Single Session Counselling offers a free psychological therapy service to anyone who might need it. Intern Therapists guide you to figure out life’s challenges by focusing on your strengths and abilities. If required, we provide referrals to other community services. 

Each session will focus on one issue. These issues can be adjusting to life in Canada, substance abuse, anger management, anxiety, and depression, balancing work and life, grief and loss, LGBTQ issues, and more. 

This free single counselling session is open for couples, families, or individuals who might need help in these trying times. We are here when you are ready.