Community Resources in West Edmonton

Are you looking for a simple way to find out about services and supports for children and families in West Edmonton? All you need to do is connect with Jasper Place Family Resource Centre.  

As the Family Resource Network (FRN) Hub for West Edmonton, Jasper Place Family Resource Centre is your one-stop place of connection.  

There are 70 Family Resource Networks in communities across the Province of Alberta. Family Resource Networks bring service providers together to form a web of supports for infants, children, youth, parents and caregivers, making it easier for families to find what they are looking for. 

The Family Centre’s Roots and Wings program is part of the West Edmonton Family Resource Networks web of supports. 

Jasper Place Family Resource Centre has been serving children and families in West Edmonton for almost 50 years. Beyond our connection services as the FRN Hub for West Edmonton, we also offer a number of family-focused programs. 

PLAY, LEARN, CONNECT Programs - Offer a variety of playgroup opportunities for parents and caregivers to participate alongside their children. These Early Childhood Development Programs promote children’s early literacy, social and emotional development, and create social opportunities for everyone. 

Parent and Caregiver Education Programs - A suite of skill-building programs in both one on one and group formats.  These programs share positive parenting strategies that build parent/caregiver confidence. 

Basic Needs Services – Jasper Place Family Resource Centre works in partnership with a number of organizations to help family’s access emergency food, clothing and infant supplies. 

Early Learning and Child Care Programs – Jasper Place Family Resource Centre operates 2, high-quality, learning through play-based child care centers in West Edmonton. 

Kindergarten Program – We also offer an Alberta Education approved Kindergarten Program built into our Early Learning and Child Care Program. 


Contact Gale or Wendy, our West Edmonton Family Resource Network Hub Service Coordinators 

Phone: 587-635-1775 


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 We look forward to connecting with you soon! 

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