Kinship family wins an award

We were thrilled to learn that a family that we have been supporting won the ‘Kinship Family of the Year’ award for Child and Family Services Region 6 (Edmonton). The family includes Dorothy and her grandchildren, siblings Lisa and Jordan. Dorothy has been Jordan’s caregiver since he was 8 months old - he is now 14. Dorothy is fiercely dedicated to her family and has passed on that dedication to her children and grandchildren. They are a model of familial support and hands-on tangible help.

The family participated in a family group conference facilitated by The Family Centre, where they decided that Dorothy would remain Jordan’s caregiver and apply for private guardianship of Jordan. The family also planned that Lisa would jointly apply for private guardianship with Dorothy, as Dorothy is over 70 years old, and there could be unforeseen circumstances that limit her ability to care for Jordan.

Jordan has FASD and the family has been working with an outreach worker from Coaching Families for the past two years to receive education and support about FASD and how it can impact individuals and families.

Lisa provides support by connecting with Jordan’s school, assisting with errands, and providing an ear to listen. Lisa has also helped Dorothy navigate working with Child and Family Services and completing all of the pieces needed for the safe home study and private guardianship application.

There is a deep respect and gratitude that is shared between the family members and they look out for each other. They also have a pretty dry wit and sense of humour, which is delightful!

They are humble about receiving this award, as for them caring for Jordan is something they have done because he is their family. Lisa has given all the credit to Dorothy - but make no mistake, she is there to fill in some of the pieces that Dorothy may not be able to navigate.

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