Strive: Support Group for Men

Relationships are complex and take work to be strong and healthy. Are you tired of experiencing the same issues over and over again in your relationships? You are not alone.

Mark Frederick encounters many men experiencing relationship issues in The Family Centre’s support group for men. The support group, also known as Strive, helps men attain more fulfilling relationships and balanced life with less conflict.

Group therapy sessions help you develop healthier relationships skills based on your values and what you want your life to be. Sessions include open discussions based on four module topics and skill-building and self-reflective exercises. Relaxation and mindfulness practices help you get started and finish with a good mindset.

“I always look forward to Wednesday nights,” claims Mark, the group facilitator. “It gives me so much hope that there are these men, who may not have otherwise sought out help, come and have these moments, these revelations, and these connections with other people.”

Strive gives men the opportunity to meet with others who are going through similar experiences as them. Mark believes there is something powerful in the ability to sit down and realize you aren’t the only one. You will meet many different people over 16 weeks. New members continue to join as you move through your journey in the group. Those, known as veterans, help the newcomers feel welcomed and comfortable. “People can be distrustful at first, and the veterans set the expectations that it’s OK to share those difficult things that you are dealing with,” says Mark.

Overall, Mark believes that understanding and change stem from each other and the therapeutic discussions. Through conversation, information gets digested through each person’s interpretation. Learning through others helps them to see things from new perspectives. “That relational piece is where they can see it as more relevant to their lives even when they have vastly different backgrounds.”

Before joining Strive, you will attend a free information session. Information sessions can help you determine if the group is the right fit for you. If you decide to register, you will meet with the facilitator one-on-one to discuss your specific goals.

Did you answer yes to being tired of experiencing the same issues over and over again in your relationships? We repeat what we don’t heal. Strive can help you break those negative cycles.