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News Posted On Aug 15, 2019

Soft Addictions

How often do you check your phone in a day? Do you need to start each morning with caffeine? Soft addictions can be harmful to our relationships and health but we can create new forms of behavior that will make us and our brains happy.  ...

News Posted On Jul 30, 2019

Mary's Story

Mary was forced to Edmonton because of the Fort McMurray forest fires. Shortly after, her husband moved back to Africa without her. She then had to take care of her nine-year-old grandson without a job or any savings. Find out how Mary’s grandson helped…

News Posted On Mar 26, 2019

Kassidy's Story

Kassidy struggled with anxiety after having to grow up too fast. With counselling, she was able to step out of her comfort zone by fighting negative thoughts. ...

News Posted On Jan 25, 2019

All In For Youth

Thanks to the United Way we are able to help students and their families build bright futures. Take an inside look at the impact the All In For Youth program has had on Delton and Spruce Avenue elementary. ...

News Posted On Aug 14, 2018

Michelle's Story

Michelle was struggling with depression as she was building up the courage to get a divorce. With help from a Roots and Wings worker, Michelle was able to flee the abusive relationship safely and take control of her life.  ...

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