Depression Support Group

Wake up. Pretend I’m OK. Sleep.

Is this your cycle?

Sometimes it’s easier to pretend you’re OK than having to explain why you’re not. Heather Pagenkopf meets many people who live this cycle in The Family Centre’s depression support group. You are not alone.

Not talking about how you feel contributes to developing and prolonging depression. Heather, the group’s facilitator, finds the group to be a safe space where people can be with others — from all walks of life — that they don’t have to pretend to be OK with. The intimate group allows you to share your feelings and thoughts which aids in your personal healing. “Most people say being able to talk to people about how they are really feeling helps them the most”, mentions Heather. 

Aside from connection, the support group educates participants on the signs and symptoms of depression. It brings awareness of its impacts on the body both physically and mentally. Using different therapeutic activities, you will learn how to manage your symptoms and will identify the underlying root contributors to your depression.

Before attending the free 5-week virtual course, you will receive information on what to expect from the group’s facilitator. Going into your first meeting you will feel prepared, comfortable, and safe.

People leave feeling that they have the tools to be able to start to make changes. They understand that depression is not a reflection of their worth or who they are as a person. “By opening up and wanting to get to the roof of the issue, people are willing to do the next steps to make changes in their life”, expressed Heather.

Heather’s favourite part about leading the depression support group is watching participants connect, learn strategies, and support each other.

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