Free Summer Camp for Parents: "Me" Time

Are you looking for fun and free things to do this summer? Meet other parents and learn about structure, routine, child development, emotional support, community resources, and more at The Family Centre’s free summer camp for parents! This is your time to have some “me” time!

Why “me” time is important for parents?

It is important for parents to have a “me” time because parenting means sharing a huge portion of your life with another little human whom you love so dearly! Yes, you love them, but there might be constant demands of your time while you are trying to have a quiet morning with just you and your coffee. And that is okay! It is part of being a caregiver. What matters is you manage your parenting life and network with other parents or people in your community who can give you uplifting stories and encouraging support!

One way to manage parent life is to attend The Family Centre’s free summer parent camp!

The Family Centre’s Free Summer Camp for Parents

This summer camp is a great opportunity for parents to relax, have some fun, and meet other caregivers! Hosted by The Family Centre’s Roots and Wings team, this summer camp’s goal is to connect caregivers and parents in Edmonton. We have been isolated for a while so this might be a good way to cut that isolation string and connect with friends (perhaps, even gain some new friends!).

Learn more about the free summer camp for parents here or click here to join


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