Robyn’s story (Healthy Relationships)

 I knew I needed a change because I wasn’t able to cope anymore. I was so broken. I was depressed and felt helpless and out of control of my life.  I was incapable of taking care of myself and seeing what was good for me. I was constantly in a heightened state, waiting for the next stressful event to take place.  I had difficulty sleeping and I was perpetually unhappy and anxious. I also had a communicative breakdown with my spouse.

I was looking for something meaningful that would help me not only with my relationship but also with my personal development. I was feeling exhausted as I had tried counselling, reading, and speaking with family members and people at my church, but none of it was very helpful. 

I called The Family Centre for advice and they recommended the Healthy Relationships therapy group for women.  I started the group right away but to be honest, I was a little hesitant at first as I wasn’t sure if I belonged in this group. However, the facilitator and the women in the group either challenged or validated my thinking, and I kept coming back each week. After the first two or three classes I was faced with dealing with my denial.  I did not want to believe things were as bad for me as they were.  Each class brought me to a place where I was almost forced to accept my reality. 

 The atmosphere in the group was welcoming, always positive, and non-judgmental. The women in the group had very diverse backgrounds but were so supportive of each other. Getting validation was the most helpful aspect for me in my transformation. I was able to express thoughts that had been in the back of my mind for so long. I felt the group opened a window in me.

I feel this group has been beneficial not only to my relationship with my spouse but also with my kids, family, coworkers, and managers. I have received very positive feedback: people tell me I am a more open person and more approachable.  Since Healthy Relationships, I lead a healthier lifestyle and have stopped taking antidepressants. I listen actively and reflect more before I react. I feel like there has been a healing process.  I am a happier person. Now I understand who I am as a person.