Staycations: A Convenient Way to Beat Burnout

Burnout leads to the inability to function well at work or in your personal life. It arises when chronic workplace stress has not been successfully managed. Chances are, you’ve probably experienced some form of burnout at least once in your life.

Over the past year, many of us transitioned from a familiar workplace environment to working from home. This has led to new types of workplace stress that we have never experienced before.

Video meetings have increased our screen time, conversations last longer than they would in person, and there is a need to be on and overly attentive while on video.

Many people also feel compelled to be seen as more productive when working from home. We end up doing more immediate, less important tasks rather than tackling larger projects. This can make us fall behind, creating even more stress.

The need to juggle a healthy work/life balance has become essential. It has also become more difficult as the two worlds have merged.

Using vacation time is a great way to recharge yourself. Although, taking time off work with the inability to travel or attend events may not seem ideal. While we navigate new work environments and stressors affecting our mental health, taking time off work is more important than ever.


 3 Reasons Why a Staycation is Better Than No Vacation

Although it may not seem like it, staycations can be just as relaxing as a family road trip to British Columbia. In fact, there are many benefits to vacationing at home.

  1. More vacation time

Your vacation starts the second you walk away from your desk. There is no need to pack bags, make sandwiches, and sit in a vehicle for hours. Minimizing travel time gives you more time to unwind. Have you ever returned from a vacation and spent the day before work grocery shopping, unpacking, and doing laundry? With a staycation, you will have that extra day to relax without being stiff and tired from driving!


  1. Planning your days is easier

It’s no fun paying for a much-needed vacation to spend majority of it in bad weather! Being at home, you know what activities you can do indoors and outdoors. You can plan your days in advance and have back up plans for days where the weather isn’t as good. You’ll never have to worry about rain ruining a lazy day on the beach during a staycation!


  1. Supporting local

Not only will you save more money by vacationing at home but you’ll also contribute to our local economy. Right now is an important time to support our local businesses. You’ll be able to spend time with your family while helping another’s during this challenging time.


Taking time off is beneficial for your mental health and overall wellbeing. Right now, it’s crucial to use vacation time, regardless of what you get up to. Creating new experiences can make you happier. There is no better time than now to try something new! 

If you feel like your burnout needs more attention, a mental health therapist can help you create a plan for improvement.


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