Find Support in Our New Overcoming Adversity Class

Adversity is when you experience circumstances in life that make you feel out of control. Hardships, setbacks, and unforeseen or problematic events are a natural part of life. However, no matter the challenge, you should have the ability to bounce back quite quickly, right?

It doesn’t always work like this, and there is a reason!

ACEs, or Adverse Childhood Experiences, are traumatic and adverse experiences that occur at a young age. Your ACE score can be found by taking a quiz that measures the number of adverse childhood events you’ve experienced. Some common examples measured in the ACE test include family separation, neglect, emotional or physical abuse, and having caregivers with mental health issues. 

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Not only do ACEs have a significant impact on how your brain develops, but it also greatly affects how well you’re able to bounce back from challenges as an adult. 

If you know or suspect you have ACEs, you’re truly not alone. Understanding why you feel the way you do is a process that The Family Centre’s new Overcoming Adversity Class can help you explore to gain more fulfillment, resilience, and balance in life. 


How Do I Know if I Have ACEs?

Do you feel stuck and unwell in your emotions, and have difficulty finding your baseline of “peace”, even when your challenges have stabilized?

You may find it hard to explain your thoughts and feelings at times, feel like you’re an outcast, or can’t find people that can understand you. Perhaps you don’t feel very “normal” in how you see the world, why everyday life is so challenging, and don’t know why you are so “different”. 

These are all potential signs of having ACEs. Some other common signs include

  • Difficulty regulating emotions
  • Lower resilience to stress and depressive phases
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Pessimism
  • Poor sleep
  • Self-isolation
  • Having challenges socializing and being with others and in group settings

The amazing thing is that ACEs can be overcome, and is a skill that can be learned. Understanding your personal history, how to meet your current needs, ways to manage stress and anxiety, and other tools and strategies to take care of yourself. 


What Can I Expect in the Overcoming Adversity Class?

In the Overcoming Adversity class, you are in a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your own adverse childhood experiences, examine how they may have affected your development, and investigate how they may be influencing you today.

The class is six hours and takes place in person. The class will discuss the dynamics of stress and how it can positively or negatively change one’s response to adversity. You will learn how your experiences interplay with genetics and the impact it can have on your resilience. Lastly, you’ll be given exercises to build and practice your own resilience.

This class will also give you the opportunity to connect and relate to others that are also experiencing the effects of ACEs. There is something powerful in sitting down with others and realize that you’re not the only one struggling, and allows you to learn from other’s perspectives even when there are vastly different backgrounds. 


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Most importantly, this class gives you the space and support to honour your own experiences and work through them in a guided manner. We repeat what we don’t heal. Regardless of what you’ve gone through, you deserve the opportunity and time to process them. 

Life’s challenges are plenty, and while it may not be possible to never go through adversity again, you are able to learn things that make life’s experiences easier and gain your power back despite your past circumstances. 

Healing is not an easy journey, but The Family Centre is here to support and walk alongside you. The Overcoming Adversity class can help you break negative and unproductive cycles and build a flourishing and fulfilling life. 


Ready to discover your inner strength and transform your obstacles into opportunities? Register here for the Overcoming Adversity class today.