Journey to Self-Discovery

Journey to Self-Discovery

How well do you know yourself? Do you know what you want in life? Sometimes it can be confusing to distinguish your beliefs and values from someone else’s. We can all be influenced by others or feel pressure from society to conform.

This class takes you on a journey of self-discovery. You will create a personality profile that helps to discover your personal 'why' by seeing the past and pushing for future goals and fulfillment.

The class includes 3 sections:

Section 1: Reflection (How)

  • Explore the context of understanding self
  • Take a brief look at the past and how that has shaped you
  • Discuss society and your metric of life satisfaction

Section 2: Exploration of Self (Who)

  • Explore your values
  • Assess your personality
  • Reframe your view of self

Section 3: Looking Ahead (Why)

  • Finding your why
  • Creating personal goals
  • Practice

Who can attend?

Anyone aged 18 or over  who has a desire to learn more about themselves

What will you learn?

You will discover more about yourself by understanding:

  • Some of the foundations of how we think about ourselves
  • Society’s messaging about identity
  • Your personal values
  • How your personality is unique
  • How to challenge some of the assumptions and beliefs we have of self
  • How to start the journey of finding your ‘why’
  • How to create goals that work in your life

How much does it cost?

The full cost of the Journey to Self-Discovery class is $150 per person

We are dedicated to supporting families of all income levels. If needed, you can apply for a subsidy by selecting “I require subsidy” in the registration form.

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