Navigating Parenthood: Our Supports for Caregivers

Parenthood is a journey filled with countless precious moments. However, caring for a child also comes with its fair share of challenges. As a caregiver, you might sometimes grapple with questions, frustrations, stress, and overwhelm. 

It's okay to feel that way. No one said parenting is easy. But you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. Thousands of people reach out for support through our services every year. Asking for help doesn't mean you're not a good parent; it means you're trying your best to be even better. Recognizing when you need some help is a sign of strength.

Getting professional help is like having a safe place to talk about these feelings without anyone judging you. At The Family Centre, we understand the complexities of parenting and can help you navigate those challenges. We can help you understand and deal with your feelings. We can also teach caregivers how to better understand their child and their behaviour, and how to improve communication with their child. 

In our psychoeducational parenting classes, you’ll learn practical tips for your situation. Our Roots and wings program provides in-home family support based on your specific needs. And our mental health therapists can support you in navigating caregiver-child relationships and other tricky situations. 

Many people who come to us first feel hesitant to seek professional help but after the first session are relieved that they did. After only one session, you'll have more skills to deal with things at home and to improve your relationships. We can help you understand your situation better and find ways to get through it successfully.

Our services for caregivers are listed below. If you aren’t sure which is the right step for you, please contact us at or 780-423-2831 and we can help you choose. 

We believe that finances should never come in the way of receiving supports. That’s why these services are either free or subsidized.


Parenting Classes

Nurturing Newborn Attachment - Learn the basics of attachment and how to deepen the relationship with your baby.

Toddlers and Preschoolers - This class covers everything from managing tantrums and potty training to building confidence and setting boundaries.

School-Age Children - Learn about internet safety, chores, power struggles, ways to teach your child problem-solving skills, and more.

Teenagers - Build skills for better communication, increasing your teen’s self-esteem, and dealing with anger.

Discipline for Children and Youth - Discover how to build positive discipline for your child to become responsible and confident, and to make good choices.

Parenting Communication Skills - Learn effective ways to communicate with your child to avoid selective hearing, bickering, and nagging.

Positive Parenting Strategies – Discover how to positively guide your child’s behaviour, set boundaries and limits, solve day-to-day problems, and build a nurturing home environment.

Parenting in Blended Families - Learn about the roles of the natural and step-parent and siblings, as well as how these changes can impact your child.

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Our therapists can support you with navigating many different concerns, including parenting challenges, conflict, and child and adolescent development and behaviour. A single session with one of our mental health therapists may be enough to help you think more clearly and work through your own solution when you feel stuck.  

Children under 18 can talk to a therapist with their parents’ consent. Parents must talk with the therapist first. 

Your first counselling session at The Family Centre is:

  • Free
  • Available virtually, over the phone, or in person
  • 50 minutes long
  • Available through an appointment or as a drop-in

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Roots and Wings

Roots and wings is our in-home family support service. We can work with your family to ensure your needs are front and centre, resulting in meaningful solutions based on your unique life. We do not make decisions for you but help you to navigate complex systems and equip you with resources and information to make your own decisions. 

No two families are the same, but in general, we can support you to:

  • Build effective parenting skills
  • Understand how negative childhood experiences, toxic stress, and trauma affect parenting and child development
  • Make financial decisions that empower you to overcome barriers related to poverty
  • Improve your communication and advocacy skills
  • Develop or build positive social networks
  • Address issues that contribute to addictions, domestic violence, and mental health

There is no cost to families for this service. You can read more about Roots and Wings here.


No matter what you’re going through, we can support you to move out of your situation positively.