Dylan’s Story

Before coming to live in our Caspian reunification home in January 2016, Dylan lived at home and struggled with his mental health and issues around being transgender.

Dylan quickly settled in and made Caspian a home. Stuffies, pillows, and plants started to fill every nook and cranny. We also learned that Dylan loved baking.  

Dylan was an excellent student and enjoyed being involved at his school. He was also a strong advocator for the LGBTQ community and was key in developing the transgender policies at his school. While he was great at advocating for others, he struggled when it came to advocating for himself.  As a team, we worked to support Dylan in speaking to his family and finding ways to connect with them.

Dylan struggled with his emotions. Conversations about his family were difficult for him. As the months progressed, Dylan was able to speak openly about how he was doing and work through his thoughts and feelings. We supported Dylan to seek out help and develop a support system. 

Dylan is smart and witty, and one of his greatest assets is his ability to process new information or ideas that challenged his own and incorporate it into his way of thinking. He put time and thought into developing who he was and who he wanted to become. 

Dylan’s stay at Caspian House lasted about ten months. We were able to prepare Dylan for his next adventure in life - living on his own. Although the thought of being on his own increased his anxiety, he also recognized that independence had things to offer him and that the supports would be there if he reached out.

Although Dylan no longer lives with us, we see evidence (stuffies and plants!) of him every day, and our lives have changed for the better because of him. We still keep in touch and look forward to his visits.

*name has been changed to protect our client’s privacy*


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